Zooming out of DeFi, onto bigger and better things

The 87 top blockchain VCs I follow made 47 investments during July 2021.

As the diagram shows belove, DeFi still takes the biggest share, followed by infrastructure, payment, NFT platforms, dev tools, games, etc

Do VCs FOMO too?

39 Investments Q3 2020 by Category
  • DeFi or TradiFi, capital chases yield;
  • Liquidity is key; aggregating liquidity and different DeFi protocols is the new trend;
  • Decentralized finance does not mean retail finance( at lease for now);
  • There will be more products moving TradiFi to DeFi to attract institutional investors;

As we have all seen the DeFi…

On October 8th, 2020, the US Attorney General announced “ the release of “Cryptocurrency: An Enforcement Framework,” a publication produced by the Attorney General’s Cyber-Digital Task Force.

Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework, Report of the Attorney General’s Cyber Digital Task Force;

The report gives a general overview of cryptocurrencies, its legitimate uses, illicit uses, regulatory authorities, past cases, compliance challenges, and strategies.

The Framework…

Keywords: a family of stablecoins; 2B; fiat on/off ramp; gift cards as stablecoins; savings account; crypto collateralized borrowing;

It’s a long read. If you are not interested in the details about each project, here is a quick summary of a few facts and my prediction:

  1. According to McKinsey, the cross-border payment flow in 2018 was $136 trillion, among which 97.8% was generated by businesses; whereas the payment processed…


Natalie researches blockchain VC investment trends. Her current focus is web3 infra like privacy, cross-chain, and decentralized social media. #blockchain4all

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